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Drain Cleaning

A quick quiz ---

Q: What do grease, hair, car keys, cell phones, contacts, soap scum, fountain pens, barrettes, cigarette lighters, and squeaky toys, all have in common?

A: They have all gone down your drains, at one time or another, whether intended or not.

DrainsDrains are those “things” we’d rather not talk about. They’re under our sinks, in the walls and thankfully out of sight.

There are no moving parts to contend with, no oil changes or runs to the mechanics for a 3,000 mile check. Usually they quietly go about their business, while you’re taking care of yours.

But sometimes, they just stop working.

When they do – Call Global Plumbing

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is a temporary problem – most of the times. Grease build ups, excessive paper products or simply a lack of long term care, can cause the system to stop functioning. And unlike a faulty faucet or a showerhead that sprays sideways, a toilet or sink is of little use, if it won’t drain.

Global Plumbing will rapidly send out a serviceman to assess the problem. We’ll determine if the work stoppage was Billy’s fire engine, a faulty p-trap or the neighbor’s Oak tree, sending its roots into your sewer line.

Drain Maintenance

Drain MaintenanceRegular cleaning should be done once a year, like a visit to the dentist. We’ll use the right tool to clear the system and recommend available products that will help maintain your drains.

Handle small inexpensive problems now, before they become much bigger and more costly.

Call Global Plumbing and ask us about our monthly specials.


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