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We respect your home and know how important it is to you. We’ll answer all your questions. even the difficult ones. We're professional about everything we do. We will do the work that's actually needed. and wewon’t leave until it's done and you’re satisfied.

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Residential Repipe

Many homes were originally plumbed with galvanized iron pipes, which over time will rust and corrode.

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Residential Drain & Waste Ripiping

It is important that waste water be disposed of properly.

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Water Heating Installs

There are many types or models of water heaters in use, throughout the United States

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If you have any emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency plumbing

Quick and Reliable Repaire of Emergency leakes & Pipe Brust


General Questions

Why Get A Repipe

Why not fix a leak instead of removing all the hot & cold water piping in your house? Answer: Like a dentist filling a cavity,sometimes all this does is buy you a little time. When you have hot or cold water leaks, poor flow, low water pressure and other symptoms starting to appear in your home, a whole-house repipe is usually the best solution. Engaging in ‘endless” small repairs, over time will cost you far more than a repipe done in one day.

YOUR PLUMBING IS A TICKING TIMEBOMB Many homes and apartment buildings in King County were originally plumbed with galvanized iron pipes. which over time will rust and corrode. Corrosion actually reduces the inside diameter of the pipe. so th longer this process goes on, the smaller the opening c the pipe becomes. This means less water is flowing to every faucet, shower or toilet in your house. This is what most people are experiencing when they say, Lo Water Pressure. Then there are those microscopic bit: of rust and other minerals being released in the water you drink. bathe in and cook with. Not a pretty picturi With a copper or PEX repipe our experienced plumber will replace the old galvanized pipe with new piping and in most cases we’ll do it in One Day. You’ll soon experience the “Repipe Difference” and wish you had repiped earlier. We have completed over 5000 repipes in the Seattle' area, so when our crew steps into your home, you'll be in good experienced hands

No. Having a plumber come out to find and repair a leak will require time to locate the problem lime to cutout and replace the copper or iron pipe. And time. finding a drywall contractor or handyman to patch the holes, if the plumber won't do that. All of this can cost $800 to $1500, sometimes more and that’sjust one leak. Repipes are more efi‘icient, because the crews are trained to get in, get the job done well and get out, usually all in one day. A second day for inspection and patching. This is why most contractors will tell you to include as many “small items” while they are there the first time Coming out with their technicians on a separate day will always make it more expensive.

Absolutely not. Most repipes are done in one day. Which means the water gets turned off at 8:00 am and gets turned back on around 5:00in the evening. You are welcome to stay with the crew all day or take the time to handle those errands you’ve been meaning to get to. This is construction. Holes will be made in the walls.There will be tarps and plastic covering your floors and some furniture. near where the work is being done.Once again, you can stay in your house until the work is done, ortake in a movie.